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EcoAnchor is the premiere product for erosion control. Upon curing, EcoAnchor bonds soil particles together to create an environmentally sensitive barrier. By creating a three dimensional network structure in the upper 1-2 centimeters of soil, EcoAnchor strengthens the surface of the earth and reduces the turbidity of the soil run-off by keeping the soil particles in place. A reduction in the soil’s permeability also prevents water erosion, however, EcoAnchor’s unique surface structure lets moisture and oxygen permeate through the structure. This allows moisture to be held longer and protects the soil and plants from rapid dehydration. From slope erosion and sediment control to dust control and parks and recreation projects, EcoAnchor outperforms traditional methods, including erosion blankets—and it does so at a fraction of the cost. Unlike mulch applications, EcoAnchor will not sheet off, but instead adheres to the soil.

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