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LandLoc is a company committed to providing leading edge erosion control and soil stabilization solutions for a broad range of industries. Based in Calgary, we have a national sales and distribution network that makes it easy for you to buy LandLoc Environmental products and get the support you need to achieve exceptional results. At the heart of our company is our vision, which is to provide innovative technology, world-class performance and the highest environmental standards. If you’re wondering how to get the best outcomes when it comes to soil stabilization and erosion control, the answer is LandLoc, naturally.

Brands: EcoHaul, EcoAnchor, EcoSoil

Keywords: Dust Control, Soil Stabilization, Erosion & Sediment Control, Calcium, lignosulphate, hydroseeding, Rhinosnot, Envirotac, tackifier,

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LandLoc Environmental Products
PEI Store

241 Brackley Point Road
Charlottetown, PE, Canada C1A 6S2

Give Us a call on: 1 (888) 988-8276
Visit Us at: Website: http://www.landloc.ca
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